Advanced Comprehensive Rules

Spells, Abilities, and Effects Your job is to find in the comprehensive rules the section of the rules and study it. A great resource for browsing CR is Hyperlinked Magic Rules website. Note that some articles are a bit old and have only 6 layers as opposed to 7 layers we have today. Principle is the same; just some layers are distributed differently. If you don't know yet what those two titles above mean, your mentor will be your first guy to know, so use him/her well.

The first part of the assignment would be to form a solid paragraph about this section of the rules in a way you would explain them to a fresh L0 you are training to become L1. It has to include all the important stuff and has to be simple enough that someone who doesn’t have excellent knowledge of the rules to understand it. The second part would be answering and discussing some rules questions. I would like you to be as expressive as possible and describe every detail you can think of, so we will see you understand the topic. 

1. Question 1

I control Painter's Servant set on Blue, Muraganda Petroglyphs and Grand Architect. My Painter's Servant is enchanted with Lust for War. My opponent casts Humility. Describe all characteristics (P/T, rules text, color, types, etc.) of Painter's Servant and explain why it is that way

2. Question 2

Opponent controls Tarmogoyf, a 2/2 Zombie token, Magnivore and Auriok Champion. He has 3 sorcery cards and a creature card in his graveyard. You have Strangling Soot in your graveyard. Name all legal targets for Strangling Soot tell why each target can be targeted and describe the process.

3. Question 3

Adam activates Amoeboid Changeling's first activated ability, targeting his Bear Cub. After the ability has resolved, Nives casts Mirrorweave, targeting her Eager Cadet. In response, Adam casts Moonlace, targeting Bear Cub. What are Bear Cub's characteristics after Mirrorweave has resolved (and why)?

4. Question 4

Your opponent controls a Boros Reckoner, a 2/2 boar token, a Phantasmal Image that's copying Boros Reckoner and Thalia, Guardian of Thraben. You control Arcane Melee and begin casting Fireball. Describe the process of casting it if you wish to destroy all of you opponent’s creatures. 

5. Question 5

Adam controls two Wild Cantor four 2/2 black zombie tokens and no lands. He wants to cast Barkshell Blessing targeting one of his tokens and use the conspire aditional cost for copying the spell and target another one. Can he do so? Why?

6. Question 6

Your opponent controls Grand Arbiter Augustin IV and Trinisphere. You control Ragemonger.

You want to cast:

  1. another Ragemonger
  2. Boros Reckoner

What are the possibilities, from the mana cost point of view, of casting any of those?

7. Question 7

Both players are at 2 life. A controls Whip of Erebos, 2 Eidolon of Rebels and casts Fling sacrificing one Eidolon and targeting his opponent. What happens?

8. Question 8

A has two non-basic lands that are not mountains and attacks with 2 Sun Titans choosing to return to the battlefield a Chain to the Rocks and a Blood Moon from his graveyard. What happens?

9. Question 9

A has Omnath, Locus of Mana enchanted with Lust of War and 6 green mana at his mana pool. N controls Ghostly Prison and an untapped Archangel of Tithes. A casts Irresistible Pray on Omnath, Locus of Mana with one of his floating green mana. What happens during each step of the combat phase?

10. Question 10

A has Sacred Ground and an awakened Forest with 2 +1/+1 counters on and attacks N with it. What happens when N does the following, and why:

  1. Casts Harm’s Way choosing to prevent the next 2 damage from it and deal them to it
  2. Casts Magma Spray on it
  3. Casts Wild Slash on it
  4. Casts Grim Affliction on it trying to proliferate the -1/-1 counter