Introduction / the Basics

This is introduction lesson.


Card in question is Divination. Or is it Jace Beleren.

1. Difference between L1 and L2

What do you think is the difference between L1 and L2 judge?

2. Role of L2

What kind of role do you think L2 judge plays in a judge program?

3. Pretest requirements

There are some pre-test requirements for testing for L2. Find them and write them down.

4. Purpose of requirements

What do you think these requirements are for? What qualities/skills are they trying to test?

5. Skill assesment

Assess how good you are at each of those qualities/skills and how interested you are in those


6. Status of requirements

What requirements have you managed to fulfill so far and how? If you haven't fulfilled something tell

us about your idea on how you plan to do it. Which one is most problematic for you?